Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Standing Rush Custom Graphic T-Shirts Now In-Stock -- Buy and Win!

Come springtime, you gotta look your best . . . just ask this drake Ruddy duck that Roy caught preening

After several months of preparation and design, we are thrilled to finally be holding physical inventory of our very own custom-screened Standing Rush graphic t-shirts. Thanks to nearly 50 pre-orders, we took the plunge and put a full run into production last week. I am proud to say that all the artwork and printing is local. The shirts are incredibly soft, and yet from our experience, they are also extremely durable. Plus, all four colors are super cool!

One of four sleeve designs we affectionately
refer to as our "sleeve critters" --
this one, the charismatic marsh wren
The goal here was to create an introductory line of shirts that is unlike anything else out there. The underlying message in what we hope to be inaugural designs -- "Stand for Clean Water," "Stand for Critical Habitat," "Stand for Wetland Wildlife," and "Stand for Lake Erie" -- is that we have something pretty special in our Great Lake. We want to build awareness and pride for Lake Erie . . . and for all the incredible resources that are associated with it. What better way than to (quite literally) where that message on your sleeve?

Please note that absolutely all proceeds from all of our "Marsh Merch" will get plowed directly right back into on-the-ground restoration at Standing Rush. By purchasing merchandise from our Marsh Mercantile at standingrushshop.org, you can rest well knowing you are Standing for Something Great!

P.S. Please be sure to check out a new contest that we are kicking off to celebrate these cool, new shirts. Details are now posted HERE. 

If you buy -- or already bought -- one (or even a decal from the Marsh Mercantile), you can be entered to win your very own, private sunset tour of Standing Rush! Think Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or even make it a gift to yourself. Each purchase helps spread the word and in so doing helps to allow us to continue to do our work. As always, thank you for the interest and the support.