Key initiatives in 2018 included:
  • Targeted aerial management of more than 90 acres of invasive Phragmites austraulis completed in conjunction with the USFWS, ODNR and other area partners;
  • Receipt of our second consecutive "Conservation Fund" award from Black Swamp Bird Observatory (BSBO) and official participation in the Biggest Week in American Birding;
  • Launch of the Marsh Mercantile -- an online shop that not only strives to foster pride in Lake Erie, its unique habitats, and the importance of wetland conservation, but also that provides grassroots funding for Standing Rush restoration efforts.

Fifteen discrete project updates coupled with supporting posts -- read from bottom to top if interested in reading
chronologically -- provide all the gory details of our first GLRI-funded project (and can be accessed here)

Educational outreach remains a cornerstone of Standing Rush's mission

We spend a lot of time talking about plants and animals, but ultimately it's critically important to remember
that PEOPLE are part of this ecosystem (photo taken during a Biggest Week in American Birding tour at Standing Rush)