Thursday, December 26, 2019

A Glimpse of Winter

The few weeks following Thanksgiving weren't kind to the waterfowl hunters at Standing Rush; "hard water" formed fast
and before we knew it, we were almost to "walking ice" stage -- never ideal with a closing date rapidly approaching

With today's temps already approaching record highs (near, if not surpassing 60-degrees . . . before noon!), I thought it made sense to share a few winter scenes from last week at the marsh.

Ohio's Christmas was anything but white -- and the extended forecast looks more like Spring Break till well after the New Year -- but we still enjoyed a great holiday.

Thanks to all who contributed to a great 2019 at Standing Rush and all the best for an even better 2020.

Happy Holidays!

Blind #16 (upper right of center) suspended in a couple, few inches of clear ice

A few inches of (unexpected) snow early last week really brightened up the property
(and made it easier to see where the deer have been moving)

What was a nearly completely frozen Sandusky Bay just a few short days ago may be completely open water
again by the New Year -- hoping we get back to seasonable temps by January . . .