Wednesday, December 4, 2019

West Marsh Structure 2: Update #5 -- Almost Operational!

Structure 2, looking essentially "downstream" (north);
note the aluminum stoplogs (center/bottom) topped with
a carp/debris screen -- the gate (painted orange), guardrail,
and newly poured concrete crossing in the background
Steely-gray late autumn days have made for some tough conditions for photography -- not to mention for earthwork -- in the marsh as of late. But progress has most certainly continued at Structure 2 in spite of the unseasonably cool (sometimes downright cold) weather and a Thanksgiving holiday.

We're into those muddy months, it feels like a bit earlier than usual. We have had a decent number of mornings with solid ground frost, and at one point even went four consecutive days without getting above freezing.

So there have been some decent days for the contractor . .. . at least from an access perspective. But if you are not cold from the damp chill blowing off the bay, you are carrying two pounds of heavy mud on each boot from the periodic rains we have been getting. Everyone is getting antsy to officially put the 2019 construction/management season in the books. It's getting to be that time.

But we have a few to-dos left on the list before we can wrap up our second major GLRI-funded project, at for this calendar year. The "guts" of the new structure have now been installed. Steel and concrete are all in place.

We just have to oversee the removal of the earthen cofferdams so that we can let water pass through the new connection for the first time. Some grading and stonework should put us in good shape to address finishing touches (e.g., final grading, seeding, collateral damage repairs, etc.) next spring/early summer.

The "guts" of Structure 2 from above; flows will typically be from right to left
(over stoplogs and through a 36" screw gate); horizontal grating is to facilitate access for maintenance

The third week of November brought a much needed window of dry cold that allowed us to pour the crossing;
image above taken one day before the arrival of the concrete truck

The pour in action

Finished pour (facing south) just prior to installation of screw gate and stoplogs