Monday, February 25, 2019

Structure #1: A View From Above

The view from atop our newly constructed water conveyance structure (looking south/southwest); most of the field of view is of the
~40-acre "Rest Pond" (restored starting in 2016) -- the main ~145 acres of our "West Marsh" lies just beyond the open water toward
the top of the shot, and Sandusky Bay wraps this perspective to west (right) and to the north

Well, I finally got my drone in the air over the marsh! I beat this past weekend's crazy winds and took to the sky late Friday afternoon. Lighting was harsh, but the images still provide decent perspective. All were captured just above our recent construction site.

Our new pump and water conveyance structure ("Structure #1") from just inside the marsh, looking west/northwest
(the water on the top half of the image is what we call the "estuary" because it is directly tied to Sandusky Bay where
the cluster of trees jut from the water in the upper left of the image; the highway visible on the upper-right is Route 2)

Similar vantage point, facing more or less due west (image provides good overview of estuary, good view of access
to the open bay, and the winter vegetation within the Rest Pond)

Structure #1, the Rest Pond, and the Main West Marsh from the estuary/bay side of the newly constructed
water conveyance structure

We look forward to gathering more imagery from above -- not only of this project but of other restoration efforts around the property. Check out this post to read more about the many benefits of an aerial perspective.