Thursday, May 6, 2021

A Pandemic Salute to BWIAB

Because we will not be hosting tours as part of the Biggest Week in American Birding again this year due to the pandemic, I wanted to at least honor this remarkable event (which starts today) with some striking visuals, captured on the southern shore of our beloved Lake Erie by friend and renowned photographer Art Weber. 

Thank you, Art, for your friendship, your enduring mentorship, your unwavering support of our mission, and for gracious access to your unbelievable skills at capturing nature through your imagery. I light up literally every time I see your work!

An almost electric prothonotary warbler (one of my personal favorites) contemplates its next move
to take down an immobilized Bombus (would need help to ID to species).

The tail-wagging palm warbler is a welcomed guest to Standing Rush each spring.

An alert Swainson's thrush proves one does not need to be bright to be beautiful.

Green herons are common nesters at the marsh (and now that we've moved, in my backyard) and I enjoy seeing -- and hearing -- them,
particularly under the low-light of dawn and dusk.